NewsElectrifying progress: Integration of unit A8 at Piva hydroelectric power plant marks...

Electrifying progress: Integration of unit A8 at Piva hydroelectric power plant marks a milestone

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The executives of Elektroprivreda (EPCG) and the Montenegrin Power Transmission System (CGES), Ivan Bulatović and Ivan Asanović, officially sealed a deal today for the development of infrastructure essential for connecting Unit A8 to the transmission grid at the Piva Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP).

This contract signing marks a crucial milestone in the progression of the project, with the construction of the machine hall and switchyard already completed in preparation for the final phase of the Piva Hydroelectric Power Plant’s construction, which includes the integration of Unit A8.

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Unit A8 is projected to possess a nominal capacity of 58.5 megawatts (MW), significantly bolstering the power plant’s installed capacity from 307 MW to 365.5 MW, and thereby enhancing its overall efficiency.

Ivan Bulatović expressed confidence in the project’s advancement, emphasizing its role in enhancing the utilization of the Zeta River basin and facilitating the diversion of surplus water from the Zeta River into Lake Krupac and Lake Slano. He anticipates Unit A8 to be seamlessly integrated into the grid within the next two years.

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Ivan Asanović echoed Bulatović’s sentiments, underlining the collaborative efforts between EPCG and CGES and emphasizing the significance of maximizing hydro potential in the context of transitioning towards sustainable energy solutions.

The connection of Unit A8 will leverage the existing infrastructure, utilizing the third pipeline of the power plant designed to accommodate the flow requirements for Units A6, A7, and A8.

The comprehensive installation project for Unit A8 encompasses the design, procurement, and installation of electromechanical equipment, along with the necessary construction activities for the power plant’s inlet and outlet systems.

This initiative is being carried out in partnership with the German Development Bank (KfW), with an indicative offer for project financing already secured.

The formalization of a loan agreement with KfW Bank, anticipated to amount up to 40 million EUR, will further facilitate the implementation of the Unit A8 installation project. This agreement is expected to be finalized in early June, coinciding with the initiation of tender processes for the procurement and installation of the requisite electromechanical equipment.

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