NewsAdvancing healthcare excellence: Filipović Polyclinic's partnership with IRF

Advancing healthcare excellence: Filipović Polyclinic’s partnership with IRF

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In collaboration with the Investment and Development Fund (IRF), the Filipović Polyclinic has facilitated access to advanced diagnostics and efficient treatment for patients, aligning with its core mission of delivering optimal healthcare to every individual.

Highlighted by the IRF, the Filipović Polyclinic stands as a pioneering entity among private healthcare providers in Montenegro, renowned for its delivery of premium healthcare services.

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Built upon a foundation of dedication and ongoing advancement, the healthcare professionals at the Filipović Polyclinic continually strive to enhance patient well-being and ensure their safety.

Under the leadership of current Executive Director, Ana Filipović, the clinic maintains its commitment to these principles, solidifying its position as a trusted healthcare provider for patients across the board.

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Ana Filipović remarked, “The Filipović Polyclinic was established as a family-oriented healthcare facility, with values deeply rooted in tradition, experience, and quality, which we proudly uphold to this day.”

Presently, the Filipović Polyclinic offers a comprehensive range of medical services spanning radiology, general medicine, internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, neuropsychiatry, as well as patient transportation services.

The realization of this vision for top-tier private practice necessitated substantial financial backing, which the Filipović family secured through their partnership with the IRF.

Expressing satisfaction with the collaboration, Filipović emphasized their contentment with the financing terms and the support received from the proficient and dedicated IRF team throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Looking ahead, the polyclinic anticipates further business growth, focusing on procuring high-quality equipment, providing additional training for staff members, and expanding spatial capacities, all with the overarching goal of delivering superior healthcare services to their patients.

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