NewsMontenegro stock exchange analysis: MNSE10 companies show substantial profit growth

Montenegro stock exchange analysis: MNSE10 companies show substantial profit growth

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Montenegroberza’s recent analysis reveals a notable upturn in the financial performance of companies comprising the MNSE10 stock index. At the close of the previous year, these firms collectively amassed a net profit of 108.7 million EUR, marking a substantial leap from the 36.49 million EUR recorded in 2022.

The report underscores a remarkable growth rate of approximately 197.9 percent in net results compared to the previous year. Among the top performers in terms of absolute net profit for the year were Elektroprivreda (EPCG) with 52.24 million EUR, Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistema (CGES) with 35.72 million EUR, and Hipotekarna banka with 12.26 million EUR.

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In comparison to 2022 data, EPCG, Crnogorski Telekom, and Hipotekarna banka exhibited the most significant increases in net results.

Montenegroberza’s comprehensive analysis encompassed business revenues, net profits, and earnings per share for the ten constituent companies of the MNSE10 index. Combined business revenues for these entities totaled 1.06 billion EUR by the end of the previous year, reflecting a slight dip of approximately 7.34 percent from 2022 figures.

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Notably, Hipotekarna banka, Plantaže, and Port of Adria emerged as the frontrunners in terms of the most substantial increases in business revenues for the year.

Of the ten companies analyzed, eight reported positive earnings per share, with Jugopetrol, Hipotekarna banka, and Elektroprivreda leading in this regard.

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