NewsTimely involve the local community in project planning

Timely involve the local community in project planning

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Integral development of policies in the field of climate change and energy is of great importance for the successful implementation of international obligations that Montenegro has undertaken, said the Minister of Energy and Mining, Saša Mujović, and the German Ambassador to Podgorica, Peter Felten.

The interlocutors stated that the adoption of the national climate and energy plan is only the first step in this process.

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Mujović thanked Felten for the support provided by Germany in the development of the National Energy and Climate Plan, a key strategic document in the field of energy that will define development policies to achieve goals by 2030.

Felten’s meeting with Mujović was an opportunity to exchange information about the current support provided by the German government to Montenegro within bilateral and regional programs, as well as to exchange ideas on further strengthening cooperation in the coming period.

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Improving the investment environment, especially in the field of renewable energy sources, which represent a development opportunity for Montenegro, was also a topic of discussion. Mujović emphasized that the Brajići wind farm project is exceptional from an energy perspective, that the area has a high level of wind availability, and that the process of connecting to the transmission grid is relatively straightforward.

“However, there is dissatisfaction among the local population with this project, which I personally respect and consider it binding to be seriously considered. Citizens are in the foreground for me, and their will must not be ignored. We must show respect for them because this government is their government and must be to their benefit. Therefore, we will talk and see how to find a way to satisfy both citizens and the investor, otherwise, a highly reputable German company,” Mujović said.

He added that a similar situation exists with the Mojkovac Mine.

“Toward Montenegro, we are responsible only if we respect the laws and act in accordance with them. In this regard, the Ministry has obtained all the necessary documentation that will be submitted to the Government for a final decision on the future of the Mine,” said Mujović.

Felten said that for the successful implementation of the international obligations undertaken, both in the field of energy and climate change, it is important for the government to be more actively involved in regional initiatives such as the Regional Climate Partnership, which represents direct support from Germany for six Western Balkan countries.

The German government, as stated, provides significant support for the implementation of specific projects in the field of energy and energy efficiency through the German Development Bank (KfW). The most significant projects are related to improving electricity production facilities owned by the Montenegro Power Company (EPCG), as well as the project to improve the energy efficiency of public facilities implemented in direct collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Mining.

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