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The Electric Power Company – EPCG, CGES, CEDIS and CANU will work on the application of artificial intelligence in the power industry

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The Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG), the Montenegrin Electric Transmission System (CGES) and the Montenegrin Electric Distribution System (CEDIS) have signed a cooperation agreement with the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (CANU), with the aim of improving the efficiency of the power system and applying artificial intelligence in the power industry.

The agreement stipulates that CANU and energy companies will jointly work on scientific research and development projects in the field of energy through cooperation with the ENEKO Center, as a special scientific research unit of CANU. It is also planned to hold joint scientific meetings, round tables and expert discussions in the field of power engineering, publishing publications, as well as cooperation on other matters of common interest.

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President of the Electric Power CompanyEPCG Board of Directors, Milutin Đukanović, assessed the initiative of CANU to sign the Agreement as significant.

– I feel that you have recognized the importance of energy. I don’t want to be subjective, but this sector is the most important for us. That is why this cooperation, when it comes from such a significant address, encourages us to continue working on the projects we have started. I expect the Academy to help, and Electric power distribution company will be open for work and cooperation. The signing of this agreement will send a message to the broadest public about the level of responsibility of important entities in Montenegro, where energy is the economic locomotive – said Đukanović.

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The president of CANU, academician Dragan K. Vukčević, assessed that the signing of the Agreement is an important step in the networking of institutions in Montenegro.

– The future of development lies in that synergy. Within CANU, there is an ENEKO center that we founded relatively long ago, which was formed as a center for energy, ecology and sustainable development. I am glad that the members of the academy – vice-president Stanković and academician Đurović launched an initiative to renovate that center and cooperate with energy companies – said Vukčević.

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