NewsMontenegro's EU envoy optimistic for increased funding amid regional commitments

Montenegro’s EU envoy optimistic for increased funding amid regional commitments

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Montenegro’s envoy to the European Union, Petar Marković, has suggested that the country might receive more funding than the allocated 400 million euros if another nation in the region fails to meet its obligations under the Western Balkans Growth Plan.

Marković explained that Montenegro is set to receive just over 400 million euros from the Western Balkans Growth Plan.

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He emphasized the significance of recent efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, facilitated through Montenegro’s EU mission, to advocate for a solution enabling the redistribution of funds.

Marković outlined the scenario for securing additional funds, stating that if any country in the region fails to fulfill its commitments within a six-month period and subsequently doesn’t pass the reevaluation within the next 12 months, the funds earmarked for that nation would be reallocated to others. Given Montenegro’s commitment to meeting all the stipulated measures outlined in its reform agenda, there’s a possibility of securing a larger sum than initially anticipated.

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Should Montenegro maintain its current momentum towards EU accession, Marković anticipates the adoption of interim benchmarks (IBAR) and further progress in closing negotiation chapters.

Marković emphasized the significance of Europe Day as a moment for reflection on how individuals and institutions can align more closely with European values in their daily lives and activities. He stressed Montenegro’s potential to demonstrate its commitment by diligently meeting interim benchmarks for Chapters 23 and 24, as well as final benchmarks for other chapters, thereby accelerating the path to full EU membership.

Marković expressed confidence that Montenegro is now more aligned with EU standards than ever before and encouraged neighboring countries and other aspirants to follow suit.

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