NewsŽabljak needs small investment to be attractive for Nordic skiing

Žabljak needs small investment to be attractive for Nordic skiing

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The lack of snow in recent years is also noticeable in Žabljak. In addition, the dilapidated infrastructure is also a problem. Well-versed in winter sports believe that in two years, Žabljak could return to the old beaten paths of success.

The winters of Žabljak were harsh and the people of Žabljak remember the storms that caused them to be cut off from the world, but the winters are not what they used to be either.

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Vito Rondović, a former ski instructor, says that the human factor caused one of the best trails in Žabljak to be brought to this state.

Our representative in Nordic skiing, Aleksandar Grbović, is preparing in Bulgaria. His father explains the difference between Italy and Slovenia and the Žabljak ski resort.

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They have cannons for snowmaking and the necessary infrastructure, so we spend the whole of October and November in the snow. Even though the land is around, they built paths, on which people train – says the father of the national team player Goran Grbović.

There is no snowmaking system on Durmitor, there are no longer even extremely low temperatures. Despite that, it has all the conditions for the preparation of Nordic skiers, competitors and recreational players.

With very small investments in Nordic sports and ski centers, I think that with even 90% smaller investments than in Alpine, we can make a good sports and tourism story in Žabljak – believes Grbović.

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