NewsThe Montenegrin market is suitable for investments by foreign partners

The Montenegrin market is suitable for investments by foreign partners

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The Montenegrin market is a favorable ground for investments by foreign partners from countries with a growing economy, said Minister of Capital Investments Ervin Ibrahimović.

Ibrahimović, as reported by the Ministry of Capital Investments, today spoke with UNECE Deputy Secretary General Dmitry Mariyasin.

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It is stated that the focus of the discussion was the current projects of the Ministry of Interior, in connection with which the full technical support of international partners is more than welcome.

At the meeting, it was assessed that there is significant scope for intensifying cooperation in the areas of transport and energy, the wood industry, the development of the northern region and the private-public partnership model.

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– Since the primary goal of UNECE is the strong promotion of European economic integration, in the form of technical solutions and support, and whose work includes 56 member countries in Europe, Asia and North America, as well as all interested member countries of the United Nations, it is important to point out that Montenegro, at this moment, is recognized as a country with which there is room for intensifying cooperation – the announcement says.

Ibrahimović said that the Montenegrin economy is focused and dependent on tourism, the development of road infrastructure and large investments in the energy sector.

As he added, they are focused on the implementation of large projects, such as the completion of the entire highway project (the remaining three phases), the Adriatic-Ionian gas pipeline project, in parallel with it the Adriatic-Ionian expressway project and many others on which the MKI works intensively.

– We invest in renewable energy sources, and given the complexity of this type of project, we see room for joint action in projects from the energy sector as well – emphasized Ibrahimović.

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