NewsTourists from Switzerland and Hungary arrive in Montenegro on Orient Express-style trains

Tourists from Switzerland and Hungary arrive in Montenegro on Orient Express-style trains

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Tourists from Hungary and Switzerland have been arriving in Montenegro these days on special trains organized in cooperation with Railway Transport (ŽPCG), attracted by the beauty and spectacularity of the Belgrade-Bar railway, especially the section between Bar and Kolašin, as well as the charms of traveling by train.

“Recognizing the importance and untapped potential of the railway route in Montenegro, which with its attractiveness and numerous tourist attractions and national parks of our country in its immediate vicinity deserves attention like well-known railways in Europe, the management of ŽPCG in the previous period expressed interest and willingness to initiate cooperation with the Ministry of Capital Investments, the Railway Administration and other key institutions and foreign partners with the aim of introducing new content into the tourism offer of Montenegro“, the ŽPCG stated.

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Thus, in addition to German tourists who were almost daily guests this season, tourists from Hungary and Switzerland were arriving in Montenegro these days on special trains organized in cooperation with ŽPCG.

“It is our great pleasure to, as we announced in the previous period, confirm now that the transportation of passengers by railway is indeed already becoming an important part of the Montenegrin tourist offer, so these days, for the first time, passenger cars and wagon restaurants could be seen on the Montenegrin railway such as the Swiss Train Bleu and Prestige Continental Express, as well as the Continental Classic Express of the Hungarian company Continental Railway Solution, with ŽPCG locomotives at the head of the compositions,” the announcement states.

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As a result of intensive cooperation and promotion of ŽPCG services, a special train entered Montenegro on September 20th, bringing passengers through an eight-day journey from Geneva to Bar, and on September 24th, a special train from Budapest to Bar followed.

“Retro compositions in the style of the Orient Express, with passenger lounges and dining cars, attracted attention on their journey to Bar, and foreign tourists enthusiastically photographed the fairy-tale areas in the north of Montenegro, Morača canyon, Lake Skadar and the Adriatic sea”, added from ŽPCG.

On Tuesday, both trains headed back to their destinations from Bar, and in the special train during the route Podgorica – Kolašin – Podgorica, a working lunch was held with representatives of ŽPCG, the Ministry of Capital Investments, the Railway Administration, Montecargo, and the hosts were representatives of the Continental company Railway Solution from Hungary, Andras Szigeti and Attila Szeplaki.

The CEO of Continental Railway Solution, Andras Szigeti, said that the most important thing was that they had the opportunity to meet with colleagues from the railway sector and see how they could start discussions about future ideas.

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