NewsThe annual inflation was 17.2 percent in Montenegro

The annual inflation was 17.2 percent in Montenegro

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In Montenegro, the annual inflation was 17.2 percent, and the prices of milk, cheese, eggs, wood, and pellets increased the most, the price of which increased by almost 50 percent, according to the official data of the Republic Institute of Statistics (Monstat).

The prices of bread and cereals, vegetables, fruits, as well as rents paid by tenants for their primary residence have increased by about 30 percent. Oils and fats went up in price by 21.4 percent, and meat by about 20 percent. The price of sugar products is higher by 23.4 percent. In total, the price of food and soft drinks in December last year was 28.9 percent higher than in December 2021.

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For the mentioned period, prices for housing, water and electricity increased by 16.2 percent, accommodation services by 24.2 percent, furniture by 13.4 percent, transportation by 12 percent, as well as clothing. For the same period, the price of fuel rose by 11.2 percent.
Prices are only lower, of the more important categories, for water supply, by 8.4 percent.

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