The prices of personal consumption products and services in Montenegro were about 13 percent higher

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The prices of personal consumption products and services in Montenegro, measured by the consumer price index, last year compared to 2021 were on average 13 percent higher, according to Monstat data.

Consumer prices in December last year compared to the same month in 2021 were on average 17.2 percent higher.

“The biggest impact on the monthly inflation rate was the increase in prices in the groups of real rent paid by tenants for primary residence, accommodation services, milk, cheese and eggs, vegetables, other appliances, personal care items and products, vehicle maintenance and repair, solid fuels and meat”, it is stated in the announcement.

Observed by the main groups of products and services according to the purpose of consumption, in December, compared to November 2022, growth was recorded in the restaurant and hotel sector of two percent, other goods and services -1.4 percent, housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels -1.3 percent, food and soft drinks and recreation and culture 0.4 percent each, as well as health 0.1 percent.

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