NewsMontenegro, Motivating farmers with subsidies is a prerequisite for less imports

Montenegro, Motivating farmers with subsidies is a prerequisite for less imports

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Every working day, Montenegro imports agricultural products worth about one million euros from Serbia, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Vladimir Joković in the Link Radio of Montenegro show.

Joković said that the import of agricultural products into Montenegro is large, and that is why the government is trying to motivate our farmers with subsidies.

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He emphasizes that Montenegro can produce enough food for itself, and it would be phenomenal if it could also produce for tourists.

– I think that over 550 million agricultural products were imported. The total exchange is about 800 million, but I think that the import is about 550 million from Serbia. Every working day, we import approximately one million agricultural products from Serbia – he said.

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He pointed out that we currently only export wine.

Joković said that the previous year was successful for all agricultural producers except for raspberry growers who failed to sell raspberries.

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