NewsMontenegro, Željezara can still come to life when it comes to steel...

Montenegro, Željezara can still come to life when it comes to steel casting

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Preparatory work on the installation of a solar power plant, from which the first kilowatts of electricity will flow by June, is nearing completion at EPCG Željezara Nikšić. Potential strategic partners are interested in opening a plant for different purposes, and there is also the possibility that steel and forge can be cast again by leasing them.

The competition for hiring workers has ended, for which there was more interest than the required number.

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The dilapidated roof of the steel hoist is being extensively repaired and when the work is completed, the installation of substructures and structures for the 1.7 MW solar power plant will begin.

– It is planned that the power plant will deliver the first kilowatts to the energy system by June, and the management will try to have the second one, with a power of 5 MW, in operation by then, in order to take advantage of the sunny period and the favorable price of electricity – executive director Đorđije Manojlović said for Radio Montenegro.

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Substructures and constructions for solar power plants will be produced in the Mechanical and Structural Workshop, and, judging by the interest of potential strategic partners, programs for different purposes will be developed in the other plants.

A feasibility study was done for the production of reinforcing mesh, and Željezara will try to do this project, worth around two million euros, under its own direction.

There is interest from potential foreign partners to lease the Forge and the Steel Plant, which means that steel would once again be cast in the Željezara.

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