NewsAir Montenegro ready to meet increased demand from Turkish market during summer...

Air Montenegro ready to meet increased demand from Turkish market during summer season

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Air Montenegro, the national airline, is poised to respond to the growing demand from the Turkish market by enhancing its flight services during the upcoming summer season, as announced by company representatives.

Preparations are underway to accommodate the surge in demand, with plans to increase flight rotations to Turkey and introduce a new route, according to statements from Air Montenegro officials.

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The airline is geared up for the summer season and anticipates a rise in demand from Turkish travelers, prompting projections of increased flight rotations from Montenegro to Turkey.

With the backing of the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Air Montenegro is set to expand its flight operations to Turkey during the summer, including the introduction of a new route.

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In addition to existing flights from Podgorica and Tivat to Istanbul, Air Montenegro will extend its offerings by launching the Tivat-Izmir route, further connecting Montenegro and Turkey.

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