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German tour operators interested in bringing tourists to Montenegro

German tour operators are interested in bringing tourists to Montenegro, saying that our country is an ideal destination for hiking and beach holidays. As announced,...

From today, there are flights twice a week between Baku and Tivat

The airline between Baku and Tivat will operate twice a week from today, it was announced at the meeting between Prime Minister Dritan Abazović...

Air Montenegro to define a capacity increase plan for the next few years

One of the important factors of a successful summer tourist season is the connection of Montenegro with the main tourist markets, and a special...

Flydubai again flies from Dubai to Tivat

Flydubai is connecting Dubai and Tivat again this year, and with its first flight this season, the company brought 160 passengers to Montenegro with...
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Air Montenegro established a line between Podgorica and Bratislava

The national air carrier Air Montenegro realized on Saturday the first regular flight from Bratislava to Podgorica as part of a series of flights...
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