NewsEnhancing maritime cooperation: Montenegrin Chamber of Economy (PKCG) and Maritime Chamber of...

Enhancing maritime cooperation: Montenegrin Chamber of Economy (PKCG) and Maritime Chamber of Turkey forge stronger ties

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The Montenegrin Chamber of Economy (PKCG) and the Maritime Chamber of Turkey (MCT) have identified opportunities for enhancing collaboration in the maritime industry and tourism sector, according to representatives from both institutions.

Vice President of the Chamber of Economy, Dragan Kujović, provided an overview of PKCG’s organization and activities, highlighting its role as the oldest and overarching business association in Montenegro. He emphasized the ongoing efforts to improve the business environment through partnership with decision-makers.

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“In recent years, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of Turkish companies registered in Montenegro, reaching around five thousand, which accounts for more than a quarter of all foreign companies operating here. This growth from just 250 companies six years ago demonstrates the expanding economic cooperation between our countries,” stated Kujović during discussions with representatives from the Maritime Chamber of Turkey.

The delegation from the Maritime Chamber of Turkey, led by President Tamer Kiran and Assembly President Basaran Bairak, included members of their Board of Directors representing major maritime companies.

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Kiran outlined the scope of the association’s work, underscoring the compulsory membership for all companies engaged in the maritime sector in Turkey, which totals over eleven thousand.

“Numerous Turkish companies are already active in Montenegro, and we anticipate further growth, which will mutually benefit our economies. Our chambers can deepen cooperation and enhance relations. We invite you to reach out for collaboration on maritime industry projects or any support needed for analyses or statistics,” Kiran expressed.

Erdal Karaomeroglu, Economic Affairs Advisor at the Embassy of Turkey, commended the strong cooperation with PKCG, emphasizing its support for Turkish investors.

“The Maritime Chamber holds a pivotal role in Turkey’s maritime sector, with representation from leading maritime companies. We value the collaborative opportunities between our countries,” Karaomeroglu affirmed.

Igor Banović, Chairman of the Transport Committee, discussed the activities in the maritime sector, emphasizing the potential of Montenegrin ports for further development and improvement.

“The Port of Bar, as a transit hub, currently operates below its full capacity, handling approximately two million tons of cargo annually. There’s substantial room for improvement, and we welcome Turkey’s expertise in this domain,” Banović noted.

The meeting highlighted maritime tourism as a key area for advancing cooperation between Montenegro and Turkey, underscoring the importance of leveraging mutual potentials to strengthen economic ties.

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