NewsRyanair set to dominate Podgorica Airport with expanded summer routes

Ryanair set to dominate Podgorica Airport with expanded summer routes

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In the upcoming summer season, Ryanair, the Irish airline, is poised to become the leading carrier at Podgorica Airport by reinstating previously suspended flights.

From March 31 to October 27, Ryanair will operate eight routes connecting Podgorica to Berlin, Brussels, Gdansk, Krakow, London, Manchester, Wroclaw, and Zagreb.

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While the Barcelona route, halted in October of the previous year, will not be resumed this summer, three other routes – Brussels Charleroi, Zagreb, and Manchester – will be reinstated.

The decision to suspend certain routes during the winter was attributed to disputes over fees. In October of the preceding year, Ryanair had expressed the need to halt specific flights from Podgorica due to the airport’s decision to increase fees.

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The airline pointed out that the fee increase made Podgorica Airport non-competitive compared to other European counterparts, which were reducing fees to stimulate the recovery and growth of air traffic. Ryanair highlighted the adverse impact on connectivity, tourism, and Montenegro’s economy due to the escalated fees.

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