NewsWind power plant in Šavnik will cover an area of ​​18 hectares

Wind power plant in Šavnik will cover an area of ​​18 hectares

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The company Vjetro park Bijela will build a wind power plant with a total installed capacity of 118.80 MW in the Malinsko settlement in Šavnik. The energy facility will be built on several cadastral plots, part of which is privately owned and part of which is owned by the state.

The investor submitted a request to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a decision on the need to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

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The designer believes that there is a great potential for the use of wind energy in this area, so the preliminary analysis foresees a wind power plant with 18 wind generators, each with a power of 6.6 MW.

A wind power plant with a total installed power of 118.80 MW will be installed at the project site. The area covered only by the planned wind generators is about 18 ha.

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The total area on which the wind power plant will be built is 33 ha on private and 63.5 ha on state plots.

– For all cadastral parcels that are privately owned, the investor signed a lease agreement for a period of 30 years and thus resolved property-legal relations. For plots that are state-owned, the company has submitted a request for a multi-year lease to the competent Ministry – it was stated in the document published on the EPA website.

Within the Bijela wind farm complex, on the basis of preliminary data, the construction of 18 identical wind generators, which will be distributed at precisely determined locations, with a total installed power of 118.80 MW, is foreseen.

The number of working hours on an annual basis is 2,800, the capacity factor is 31.90%, and the estimated total annual production is estimated at 332,685 GWh. It is planned that a 170/6.6 MW variable speed wind generator manufactured by Siemens Games will be used at the Bijela hydropower plant.

Let us remind you that the Government recently adopted urban planning and technical conditions for the preparation of technical documentation for the construction of this wind farm. Also, the Ministry of Finance announced a call for long-term lease for a period of 30 years of state-owned land for the construction of a wind power plant in the municipality of Šavnik.

These are plots 1929/5 with an area of ​​236,219 m2, as well as plot 1571/3 with an area of ​​399,085 square meters, KO Malinsko. The total area of ​​the land is, therefore, 635,304 m2, and the initial rental price on an annual basis is EUR 176,400.

In the Elaborate, it can be seen that, in addition to those that are privately owned, it is precisely on these plots that the construction of the Bijela Power Plant is planned.

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