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The investor is seeking a green permit for a project worth 260 million euros

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The company V.A.S. Invest from Budva, planning the construction of the tourist resort Smokva Bay, has submitted a request to the Environmental Protection Agency for a decision on the need to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the implementation of this investment, specifically for tourist complexes TN2 and TN3.

The document, prepared by Paming, will be available for public review until February 1.

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The Smokva Bay tourist resort will be built in the area of Katun Reževići, specifically in the vicinity of Smokvica. The location is situated in the coastal part of the settlement, with a total construction area of 74,989 square meters. The complex will include hotels, annexes, and villas, providing accommodation for tourism purposes, as well as exclusively residential units. Additionally, there are plans for the development of green areas and the construction of pools and squares within the complex.

According to earlier announcements, an investment of 260 million euros is expected for the Smokva Bay tourist resort.

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In 2021, investors received approval for the conceptual design of the complex from the Chief State Architect. However, after a change in ownership within the company, with a Swiss firm taking full control from the previous Russian company, the new owners believed that instead of a megalomaniacal construction, a complex tailored to global tourist resorts should be built in Smokvica.

As reported by Vijesti, the new owners sought approval again from the state architect for the modified conceptual design, which they received last year.

The urban project foresees the construction of three exclusive tourist resorts on the seaside, TN1, TN2, and TN3. The investment will be implemented in phases, with the first phase planning the construction of infrastructure and tourist resorts TN2 and TN3 (which will be divided into smaller phases), while the construction of the tourist resort TN1 is planned in the second phase. The construction of the transportation infrastructure has already begun.

Tourist resorts TN2 and TN3 will be built on urban parcels UP3a and UP3b.

In accordance with the needs and requirements of the investors, the tourist resorts TN2 and TN3, named Hillside and Downtown, will function with a unique hotel operator in pavilion-type facilities, categorized as 5*.

The central hotel building (H1) is planned on the urban parcel UP 3b1, as well as buildings H2, H3, and H4. Residential character buildings are also located on the same parcel, where part of the accompanying hotel facilities is situated – depandans R2 and R7. In the ground floor of building R9, there are four hotel apartments. Satellites of the central hotel are also located on UP 3a1 (HS1a, HS1b, HS2, and HS3), as well as on UP 3a3 (hotel HS4). Supporting hotel facilities are planned in the hospitality-residential building HS1c (UP 3a1) – as stated in the documentation.

As explained, to mitigate the aggressiveness of the building in relation to the surroundings as much as possible, its projected floor levels are Su2+Su1+P+5, with the last floor designed as a rooftop terrace with a pool, providing open views to the sea for buildings located behind it on UP 3a1 and UP 3a3.

The total surface area of hotel buildings (TN2 and TN3) is 32,390.80 m2, providing a total of 159 accommodation units and 113 parking spaces.

On urban parcel No. UP 3b1, the construction of 12 depandanses (buildings R1 – R12) and 7 villas (Rv1 – Rv7) is planned, while on UP 3b2, 4 villas are planned (buildings Rv8 – Rv11). In the ground floor of building R9, hotel apartments are planned. The object HS1c on UP 3a1 is predominantly residential (except for hotel facilities designed on floors P and +1). Buildings HS7a, HS7b, and HS7c on UP 3a2 are predominantly residential, except for hospitality facilities (retail, pool bar, pool). On UP 3a3, two villas are planned – HS5 and HS6 – as stated in the plan.

The total surface area of depandanses and villas (TN2 + TN3) is 28,495.40 m2, providing a total of 136 accommodation units and 56 parking spaces.

On the urban parcel UP 3a (TN2 – Hillside), 142 accommodation units are planned, including 97 hotel accommodation units and 45 accommodation units in depandanses and villas. The total gross construction area of all objects is 23,091.20 m2, with hotel buildings covering 13,372.20 square meters, and depandanses and villas covering 9,719.00 m2.

On the urban parcel UP 3b (TN3 – Downtown), 153 accommodation units are planned, including 62 hotel accommodation units and 91 accommodation units in depandanses and villas. The total gross construction area of all objects is 37,795.0 m2, with hotel buildings covering a total area of 19,018.60 m2, and depandanses and villas covering 18,776.40 m2.

At the complex level (TN2 + TN3), a total of 295 accommodation units are planned, including 159 hotel accommodation units and 136 accommodation units in depandanses and villas. The total gross construction area of all objects is 60,886.20 m2, with hotel buildings covering a total area of 32,390.80 m2, and depadanses and villas covering 28,495.40 m2.

The total number of projected beds is 490. Restaurants are planned in buildings H1, R2, R7, HS1c, and HS4, where it is possible to organize 606 seated places. On the terraces of certain buildings, additional seating areas can be organized.

In the Smokva Bay tourist resort, three levels representing public spaces, squares, are planned.

The entire space actually represents a unique cascading square with accompanying facilities: a pool, restaurant terraces located in buildings R2 and R7, seating and sunbathing areas are organized on all levels, as well as showers and toilets located in the immediate vicinity of the pool. The entire spaces of cascading squares are designed according to the highest requirements of the hotel and catering industry, allowing users to utilize the space throughout the year – it is explained.

The traffic solution is designed in accordance with the planning document. Communication within the settlement is mainly done with golf vehicles, so all buildings have access. Most buildings also have vehicle access from 4 roads (S1, S2, S3, and S4). Three large underground garages are planned in the settlements.

In TN2 and TN3 settlements, a total of 169 parking spaces are provided. Of the total number of planned parking spaces, 13 parking spaces are accessible to persons with reduced mobility – it is explained.

Also, within the parcel area, open parking for bicycles and electric bicycles is provided for both guests and employees.

Regarding the arrangement of the space, the conceptual solution is designed to prevent the degradation of the natural landscape to the maximum extent possible, aiming to protect its uniqueness, diversity, and aesthetic values.

At the complex level (Hillside + Downtown), a total of 51,720 m2 of landscaped green areas are planned, constituting 68.97% of the greenery of the specified location. In addition to landscaped ground green areas, greenery is also planned on roofs, as well as vertical greening of communication cores of buildings and retaining walls.

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