NewsThe airports should serve as a high-quality representation of Montenegro

The airports should serve as a high-quality representation of Montenegro

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There is a need to improve the aviation infrastructure in the country, and Airports of Montenegro have conducted an analysis that envisions the construction of a new passenger terminal at Podgorica Airport, said Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Filip Radulović.

As he stated, an analysis has been done in the five-year plan, along with an estimate of the costs of implementing such a project.

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“However, it is necessary to assess whether the planned project has covered all potential passenger flows and whether a correction of the project may be needed, including larger initial additional capacities. We should not forget that a large number of tourists coming to Montenegro form their first impression of the destination right at the airport, so it is important that the airports serve as a quality representation of Montenegro in terms of comfort and appearance,” explained Radulović.

When asked whether, as the minister, he will advocate for the airports to remain in state ownership or if there are plans to concession one or both airports, Radulović replied that it is necessary to provide a more modern and efficient airport infrastructure that would contribute to the economic and tourist expansion of the state of Montenegro.

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“The recommendation of the European Commission is to concession the airports, and in order to make the right choice in the process of modernizing aviation infrastructure, it is necessary to conduct a new analysis of the projected traffic volume in the coming period. We believe that a reputable concessionaire with significant international experience and the application of knowledge can bring benefits to the airports, but the state of Montenegro can only evaluate offers and plan the further process of modernizing aviation infrastructure based on the above,” said Radulović.

Recall that at one of the sessions of the previous government, the President of the Board of Directors of the Airports, Eldin Dobardžić, announced that the company plans to build a new passenger terminal at the Podgorica Airport, and this investment would cost between 30 and 40 million euros.

“According to some estimates, a building of potentially 10,000 m2 with complete equipment, roads, new parking space, platform, and taxiway would cost between 30 and 40 million euros. We have some of our own funds with which we would start the project, part would be provided from loans, and at some point, the state as the owner might also help,” Dobardžić stated at that time.

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