NewsAdvancing cooperation: Ministers of Energy pledge dialogue on Bileća Lake accumulations

Advancing cooperation: Ministers of Energy pledge dialogue on Bileća Lake accumulations

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Minister of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska, Petar Đokić, has expressed his complete willingness to engage in discussions and reach an agreement regarding the Bileća Lake accumulations. This comes in response to an invitation from Saša Mujović, the Minister of Energy and Mining of Montenegro, dated March 27 of this year, urging joint efforts to address this issue.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Energy and Mining of Montenegro, Đokić also confirmed that he had conducted consultations with the Electric Power Industry of the Republic of Srpska in the interim.

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“We are prepared to continue the dialogue on this matter by coordinating a meeting attended by both delegations, aiming to find a mutually satisfactory solution,” Đokić emphasized.

Reflecting on his recent encounter with Mujović at a trilateral meeting in Belgrade on March 7, Đokić recalled the shared commitment to enhancing cooperation within the region and resolving outstanding issues.

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“This particularly pertains to resolving the matter of the Bileća Lake accumulations, and I affirm our readiness for constructive discussions and mutual agreement,” stated Đokić.

Đokić’s correspondence marks the initial concrete step towards addressing the long-standing issue of the Bileća Lake, which has persisted among three states for decades. The pivotal moment occurred during the trilateral ministerial meeting in Belgrade, where an initial agreement was reached to approach shared potentials through cooperation and mutual respect.

Following the Belgrade meeting, Minister Mujović promptly invited Đokić to commence the implementation of the agreed-upon measures, highlighting the Bileća Lake as a significant test of collaborative capacity.

“The Bileća Lake matter serves as a litmus test for our collective ability to cooperate and resolve contentious issues through dialogue, demonstrating respect and understanding. Let us be the driving force in fostering stronger relations for generations to come,” underscored Mujović.

The timing for the meeting between the two delegations will be communicated to the public in due course.

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