NewsDirect flights from Podgorica to Ankara and Izmir are opening

Direct flights from Podgorica to Ankara and Izmir are opening

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Podgorica is expected to be connected by direct flights to Ankara and Izmir starting from February, announced Eldin Dobardžić, the president of the Board of Directors of Montenegro Airports (ACG).

“The logical consequence of strengthening economic relations between Montenegro and Turkey is the opening of new routes between the two countries. According to preliminary announcements, Pegasus Airlines is expected to connect Podgorica with Ankara and Izmir through direct flights from February,” said Dobardžić.

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He noted that Montenegro and Istanbul are already connected by Air Montenegro, Turkish Airlines, and Tailwind Airlines.

“It is also important that the Turkish Airlines route Tivat-Istanbul is year-round for the first time. Air accessibility is one of the most important topics not only for the residents of Montenegro and businesses in both countries but also for our diaspora,” Dobardžić added.

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Commenting on the fact that low-cost airlines suspended some flights to Podgorica during the current winter season, Dobardžić stated that, based on unconfirmed announcements that directly depend on airlines, there is optimism ahead of the summer season, which begins in aviation at the end of March.

According to preliminary announcements, Wizz Air is expected to restore most of the routes that were suspended during this winter season to Podgorica from the upcoming summer season, and according to unofficial information, Ryanair could follow a similar path,” stated Dobardžić.

He noted that throughout the winter, these two airlines have been connecting Podgorica with Milan, Berlin, London, Dortmund, Budapest, Gdansk, Krakow, and Memmingen/Cologne.

Dobardžić also mentioned that Montenegro Airports achieved significantly better financial results last year and served more passengers compared to 2022.

“The gross revenues for the current part of the year amount to 44 million EUR, which is a growth of 35 percent compared to the comparative period. At this point, we can say that we expect our operating result for last year (EBITDA) to be around 13 million EUR, with expected profit of about 11 million EUR,” Dobardžić specified.

According to him, the growth in revenue and profit is also due to the increase in the number of passengers.

Montenegro Airports served over two and a half million passengers last year. This is about 30 percent more compared to the same period in 2022, and about 94 percent compared to 2019,” said Dobardžić.

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