NewsPower price up as of 1st January

Power price up as of 1st January

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As of 1st January 2024, electricity will be 5.63% costlier, the Energy Regulatory Agency (RAE) announced. According to the president of the RAE Board, Branislav Prelevic, the bill for customers with average electricity consumption will be increased by 1.51 cents in the coming year. Despite the price increase, the bill for consumed electricity can remain the same if citizens are rational in their consumption at higher and lower tariffs, Prelevic pointed out.

The Agency board decided yesterday on the request to determine the regulatory allowed income of the Montenegrin Power Distribution System (CEDIS) for the next year and 2025.

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CEDIS submitted the request three months ago.

According to Prelevic, the company demanded the regulatory allowed income, which is transposed into prices for the next year in the amount of €111.08m and for 2025 in the amount of €116.38m.

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He recalled that most customers connected to the distribution system belong to the category of households with two-tariff metering.

When asked what caused the price increase, Prelevic replied that the public already knew that a large number of people had been employed in energy companies in the past three years, which inevitably affected the results of their operations.

Answering to the question of whether the prices are realistic and whether they will affect the citizens’ standard of living, Prelevic replied that the price of electricity in Montenegro had been stable for a whole decade, which is unthinkable in today’s conditions.

In addition, salaries – both minimum and average ones, and pensions have been increased since 2010, while the price of electricity has not varied significantly, he explained.

Prelevic emphasized that it was necessary to ensure the sustainability of the electric power system through pricing policy.

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