NewsMontenegro, The winter tourist season has started well

Montenegro, The winter tourist season has started well

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The ski resort in Kolašin was visited last weekend, when the ski season officially started in Montenegro, by about six thousand tourists, of which about two thousand were skiers, said the spokeswoman of the National Tourist Organization (NTO), Milena Vujović.

Vujović said in the show “Takulin” on Gradska TV that these are unofficial data.

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“After some time, we will have official data and income, so we will see the effects of this first part of the season,” Vujović said.

She said that during the New Year’s holidays there was a good attendance in the north, and that, according to data from the Ski Center in Kolašin, that town hosted around three thousand visitors, reports.

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“I am sure that the efforts of local tourist organizations (TO), good programs and manifestations ensured such good attendance. Bearing in mind that there was no snow, these are really good data”, announced Vujović.

According to her, they replaced it with some other activities and manifestations, and in mid-January, Kolašin Winter Art was organized, during which the best guitarists performed.

“We were afraid that reservations would be canceled, but the weather conditions were in our favor at the end of the month, and I honestly hope that the situation will continue and that we will have a longer winter season when we can make up for any losses,” Vujović said.

She said that school vacations and vacations during February in the region, from where she expects a larger number of tourists in February, also benefit them.

As she announced, the winter tourist season has started well and the greatest credit goes to the programs during the New Year holidays. According to Vujović, everyone wanted a well-organized New Year’s Eve after two years of the corona pandemic.

“I’m sure that it went well for us and that everyone was eagerly waiting to find out which performers will perform. Names like Zdravko Čolić, Dino Merlin, Željko Bebek, Van gog ensured a good attendance”, Vujović believes.

She said that, according to the data that the local TO provides to the NTO every Thursday, about 24 thousand tourists stayed in Montenegro on December 30.

As she added, this is 122 percent more compared to the same period last year, and twice as much compared to the same period of the record year 2019.

“These are excellent data,” said Vujović. She also said that the largest number of tourists are from the region – Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

“When it comes to other foreign markets, I have to mention Turkey, Great Britain and Germany, and there is great interest in Montenegro’s winter tourism offer from the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, as well as the Czech Republic and Poland,” emphasized Vujović.

She said that Montenegro is increasingly recognized as a year-round destination, adding that guests from the region make up the largest number of tourists, proof that we are competitive with ski centers in the region.

As she mentioned, on the improvement of accommodation capacities.

“Some steps have already been taken in that field. Yesterday, Swissotel announced the opening in October, which is a significant step that will rank Montenegro on the map of European destinations for the winter tourist season”, Vujović believes.

She reminded that NTO, in cooperation with TO Podgorica, the Chamber of Commerce and ski resorts of Montenegro, organized free transportation from Podgorica to the ski resort of Ski Center Kolašin 1600 for all interested citizens and tourists. As she said, she goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the Podgorica hotel to the Kolašin 1600 ski center. Those interested can call 020 667 535, and minors must be accompanied. The interest is great. Today, all the seats were taken and we have announcements for Thursday”, said Vujović.

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