NewsMontenegrin tourism broke the record in 2023

Montenegrin tourism broke the record in 2023

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Last year, 2,613,306 tourist arrivals and 16,389,279 overnight stays were realized in Montenegro, according to Monstat data related to Montenegrin tourism.

The most overnight stays were made by tourists from Russia, and the least from Turkey.

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Of the total number of overnight stays, according to Monstat data, 96.3 percent were made by foreign tourists, while domestic tourists accounted for only 3.7 percent.

Most overnight stays were made by tourists from Russia (23.6 percent) and Serbia (21.5 percent). The number of guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina was 8.5 percent, while the number of visits by German tourists last year was slightly down compared to 2022 – only 4.9 percent.

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As for tourism, Monstat data show that 4.1 percent of Ukrainian citizens stayed in Montenegro last year. There were 3.6 percent from Kosovo, and 2.9 percent from Turkey.

According to tourist places, the most overnight stays were on the coast (94.3 percent). There were 2 percent of tourists in mountain towns, and 2.4 percent in the capital. 1.4 percent of tourists spent the night in other places in Montenegro.

Last year, 1,177,160 tourists opted for individual accommodation, while the number of overnight stays was lower – 11,264,298. Out of the total number of foreign tourists, 99.6 percent, and domestic 0.4 percent.

And in this field, the most numerous guests are from Russia (31.9 percent) and Serbia (22.8 percent). Followed by citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (9.4 percent), Ukraine (4.5 percent), Kosovo (4.0 percent), Germany (3.7 percent), Turkey (2.9 percent) and Poland (2.3 percent ).

According to the former Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Goran Đurović, the previous record from 2019 of 14.5 million overnight stays was convincingly broken.

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