Montenegro, From Kotor to Lovcen by cable car in early summer

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The construction of the Kotor-Lovćen cable car is in the final stage, said the president of the Municipality of Kotor, Vladimir Jokić. Previously, the first and last pillars were connected by wire, and now, says Jokić, work is being done on the approaches to the cable cars. The opening is planned for July 13, but Jokić believes that it can be a little earlier.

That project will be remembered as the most efficiently realized from the moment when the formal and legal assumptions were created, and therefore my compliments to the concessionaire and the contractors who “trampled” those construction works and I am very satisfied with that – said Jokić in the program Dobro jutro Montenegro.

The work Is being carried out by the consortium Leitner – New Volvox

We remind you that the cable car will be 3,918 meters long, with a capacity of 1,000 passengers per hour and 40 gondolas, while the travel time will be 11 minutes. The route starts from the location of Dub, in the immediate vicinity of the Vrmac tunnel, all the way to the location of Kuk on Lovćen.

Representatives of the Government and the Leitner – Novi Volvox consortium signed a concession contract for the construction of the Kotor-Lovćen cable car at the end of 2021. The works started in July last year.


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