NewsTourist season in Montenegro in full swing, hotels up to 80% occupancy

Tourist season in Montenegro in full swing, hotels up to 80% occupancy

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Svetlana Šljivančanin, the Acting Director General of the Directorate for Tourism Development, has announced that the tourist season in Montenegro has kicked off, with some hotels already reaching up to 80% occupancy rates.

During her appearance on Radio Crna Gora’s Link program, Šljivančanin shared that Montenegro is currently hosting guests, with hotel bookings showing strong numbers.

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“Agreements have been finalized between agencies and foreign counterparts, signaling the start of tourist arrangements,” stated Šljivančanin.

Despite a series of challenges faced by the relevant department this year, including ongoing road infrastructure projects, Šljivančanin stressed the need for timely completion of roadworks to avoid traffic congestion and ensure guest satisfaction.

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“While certain issues remain unresolved, collective efforts aim to minimize them and elevate service quality,” she remarked.

Regarding pricing policies, Šljivančanin clarified that the department does not directly influence them but emphasized the importance of considering their impact on guests’ purchasing power.

She also addressed concerns about the significant presence of the informal economy in private accommodation, emphasizing the need for improved compliance with municipal regulations. Additionally, she underscored the importance of enhancing tourism offerings in the northern region of the country.

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