NewsThe opening of the season at the Kotor-Lovćen cable car

The opening of the season at the Kotor-Lovćen cable car

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Janko Odović, Minister of Spatial Planning, Urbanism and State Property, who also serves as the President of the Municipality of Kotor, joined Vladimir Jokić and Marko Cuso, the Executive Director of the Kotor-Lovćen Cable Car company, at the inauguration. Odović confidently noted that despite initial doubts, everything was indeed ready by May 1.

“Many doubted the readiness of the cable car by May 1, but here we are, open for business. Similar skepticism surrounded the preparedness of our beaches, yet they are all set. This underscores the Government and Ministry’s dedication to ensuring a successful tourist season,” emphasized Odović.

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He stressed that the Government’s accomplishments would be a source of pride for all citizens, as each effort directed toward Montenegro’s welfare benefits society as a whole.

“The cable car, a pivotal component of our tourism infrastructure, not only grants easier access to mountainous regions for visitors to relish stunning landscapes but also fuels regional economic growth,” Odović remarked.

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Highlighting the cable car’s multifaceted significance, Odović underscored its potential to enhance Montenegro’s tourism offerings.

“In extending the cable car route to Cetinje, we open new avenues for tourism, significantly contributing to economic development and promoting the cultural heritage of both Kotor and Cetinje,” Odović concluded.

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