NewsMontenegro ensures stable power grid for summer tourism season

Montenegro ensures stable power grid for summer tourism season

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The director of Montenegro’s National Dispatch Center, Ranko Redžić, assured that the country’s power grid is stable and well-prepared for the upcoming summer tourist season. Redžić noted that the Montenegrin Transmission System (CGES) has completed all scheduled maintenance of transmission facilities, typically carried out in spring to ensure readiness for the summer season.

“The transmission network is in excellent condition. We anticipate, as in previous years, a reliable and uninterrupted power supply,” Redžić informed the MINA agency.

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Highlighting CGES’s primary responsibility of ensuring secure electricity supply to Montenegro’s consumers, Redžić underscored the company’s substantial investments over the past decade. Notable among these investments is the submarine interconnection to Italy, comprising the Lastva substation and the Lastva-Pljevlja transmission line, alongside the reconstruction of several transmission lines and substations, and the construction of new substations.

Redžić also mentioned the installation of a new SCADA system and the replacement of protection and control systems across all facilities, initiatives that have significantly bolstered the power grid’s operational quality and consumer service security.

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Looking ahead, Redžić announced an additional investment of approximately 200 million euros over the next five years in the transmission system, primarily aimed at integrating renewable energy sources and facilitating the green transition.

Regarding power outages, Redžić reported 174 interruptions in 2019, which reduced to 41 last year, largely attributable to adverse weather conditions.

In terms of energy not delivered, 2019 saw 2,636 megawatt-hours, compared to just 304 last year, indicating a significant improvement in service quality.

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