NewsCompanies advocate for infrastructure inclusion in Kolašin urban plan

Companies advocate for infrastructure inclusion in Kolašin urban plan

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During the recent public discussion on the draft Spatial Urban Plan (SUP) of Kolašin, companies Beppler & Partners, Stablo, and Irenia Investments advocated for the inclusion of hydro-technical infrastructure and roads in the planning document. Their aim was to facilitate the construction of 14 annex buildings along the banks of the Tara River.

Specifically, these companies requested that the urban hydro-technical infrastructure plan incorporate water supply for the “tourist zone below the Bianca Resort & Spa hotel,” in accordance with a decision made by the Municipality of Kolašin on December 16, 2022. They emphasized that this water supply method for the future tourist settlement, including traditional Montenegrin cottages known as “sojenice,” was also prescribed by the municipality’s decision.

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Additionally, the firms sought a modification of the traffic solution for the tourist zone towards the Tara River, claiming to have previously reached an agreement with the municipality on this matter.

“Investors submitted an initiative to initiate the design procedure for zones D, E2, and E4 within the DUP Center to the Municipality of Kolašin on June 26, 2022. After submitting the initiative, investors signed a road design contract with Civil Engineer and subsequently a contract with the Municipality, agreeing to donate the project,” representatives of these companies stated.

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Both suggestions regarding the future settlement on the banks of the Tara River were referred to the planning team for further review.

As previously reported, the Water Administration approved the main project for one of the 14 annex buildings on the banks of the Tara River. However, it was noted that there is currently no sewage system in that part of the city. Despite the inclusion of a sewage pipeline in the amendments to the DUP Center Kolašin, no such infrastructure exists at present.

The main challenge lies in supplying water to such a large tourist settlement, as this could potentially impact the regular water supply to existing consumers.

All 14 annex buildings are planned on urban parcels (UP) 3 within the scope of the DUP Kolašin Center, zone D. The total area of UP is 66,053 square meters, and it is owned by the investors. The DUP Center outlines the construction of annex buildings with a total gross area of over 107,000 square meters.

Based on the proposals submitted during the public debate, it is evident that these companies are interested in further construction within the municipality of Kolašin. For example, Irenia Investments requested the expansion of residential zones on more than 10 parcels located in various areas, which was partially or fully accepted by planners.

Beppler & Partners also proposed the expansion of the Main Project for the regulation of the Tara River, aiming to extend it to the entire length of the Pčinja River. Additionally, they expressed interest in repurposing numerous parcels within certain areas, allowing for the construction of an “elite tourist zone” comprising eco-villas and a hotel.

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