NewsConstruction of Andrijevica - Peć highway promises enhanced regional connectivity

Construction of Andrijevica – Peć highway promises enhanced regional connectivity

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The construction of the Andrijevica – Peć highway is poised to securely link Podgorica with Pristina and Skopje, facilitating connectivity with the regions traversed by these countries, as announced by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs. This highway project meets the initial requirement for funding from available EU funds, marking a significant milestone in Montenegro’s infrastructure development.

In late February, Monteput initiated a tender for the conceptual design of the Andrijevica – Peć highway, specifically targeting the Andrijevica – Čakor segment spanning approximately 27 kilometers. The primary objective of the Andrijevica – Peć route is to establish regional connectivity between Montenegro and Kosovo’s territories, with broader access to European corridors connecting Kosovo through Montenegro to North Macedonia and Bulgaria, ultimately linking to Europe, as outlined by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs to Pobjeda.

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This route is already recognized in Montenegro’s Spatial Plan as an extension of the Bar-Boljare highway and has been part of planning and strategic documents in previous periods.

“The focus is on developing technical documentation for all highways and expressways to ensure projects are sufficiently prepared for the construction phase once conditions permit,” stated the Ministry of Transport, although an exact timeline for the start of construction remains unspecified.

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Given the interstate nature of the project, which would require collaboration with Kosovo as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between governments on infrastructure projects, specific details regarding the project’s commencement and implementation methods will be determined later, according to the Ministry of Transport.

Upon completion of the conceptual design, a preliminary cost estimate for the Andrijevica – Čakor section will be available.

“This route’s inclusion in the expanded European road network fulfills the initial criteria for funding from available EU funds. The Ministry’s objective is to finance as many eligible road projects as possible through EU funds, including this route,” emphasized the Ministry of Transport.

Previously, Monteput stated that the aim of preparing technical documentation is to thoroughly assess and determine the optimal corridor for the section’s construction, ensuring that the conceptual solution aligns with the needs of both Montenegro and Kosovo.

“The designer must consider all technical, economic, spatial, environmental, and other factors and consequences of construction, while adhering to project task conditions and employing modern technical and technological methods and tools,” emphasized Monteput in earlier statements.

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