NewsCompany Monteput's ambitious plans for Montenegro's highway network

Company Monteput’s ambitious plans for Montenegro’s highway network

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Monteput is gearing up to kickstart all highway and expressway projects across Montenegro this year, announced Milan Ljiljanić, the company’s director.

In a recent interview on Link Radio Crna Gora, Ljiljanić outlined the extensive network, which encompasses 25 kilometers of highways and 200 kilometers of expressways. He revealed that four conceptual designs and one conceptual project are slated for completion by year-end.

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“We’re aiming to roll out three additional conceptual projects and one solution. Furthermore, we’re planning to commence construction on the stretch from Mateševo to Andrijevica,” Ljiljanić disclosed, as reported by RTCG.

Highlighting the importance of the Andrijevica to Boljare section, spanning 50 kilometers, Ljiljanić noted that while a conceptual project has been announced, an appeal has been lodged against the tender documentation.

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“Our goal is to initiate the design of this section by mid-year, with phased construction up to the Crnča interchange to Bijelo Polje. We also intend to kickstart construction on the Mateševo to Andrijevica section concurrently with the Mateševo to Andrijevica stretch,” Ljiljanić explained.

He underscored the strategic significance of this location, particularly concerning the highway.

“The Crnča interchange connects to a road passing through Bijelo Polje, Pljevlja, and continuing to Goražde, linking up with the highway from Požega to Sarajevo. Thus, the Vasojevići or Berane area, specifically the Andrijevica – Crnča section, holds immense importance,” Ljiljanić elaborated.

With the travel time from Podgorica to Belgrade estimated at three and a half hours over a 370-kilometer distance, Ljiljanić stressed the potential benefits of these developments.

Additionally, he announced tenders for a fast traffic route from Crnča via Bijelo Polje to Pljevlja, reassuring citizens of Monteput’s commitment to realizing these plans.

“We’re optimistic about the progress of these projects, with the aim of issuing the main tender for the Mateševo to Andrijevica section by mid-year and commencing construction by year-end or early next year,” Ljiljanić concluded.

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