NewsLuxair planes fly to Montenegro again this year

Luxair planes fly to Montenegro again this year

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During the upcoming summer tourist season, Montenegro and Luxembourg will be connected by a direct airline through the Luxair airline.

The Cultural and Information Center of Montenegro in Luxembourg announced that Boeing planes, owned by Luxair, with a capacity of 100 passengers, will fly to Montenegro twice a week.
Flights to Tivat will be operated every Tuesday and Saturday, from May 6 to September 30, and to Podgorica every Wednesday and Saturday from July 1 to September 23.

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The Cultural and Information Center of Montenegro in Luxembourg said that the initiative launched in 2020 by their president, Fetija Kalač, resulted in the continuation of Luxair flights to Montenegro.

“When she launched this important airline, Kalač first of all wanted to connect the Montenegrin diaspora with the homeland, bearing in mind their intensive migration to Montenegro during the summer months. However, from year to year, its activities refer to a very broad target group, which includes citizens of the Benelux countries, that is, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as a good part of France and Germany”, the announcement states.

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They added that Kalač intensively promotes the Montenegrin destination in that territory, using its own funds and contacts to bring the potential and beauty of Montenegro closer to high-paying tourists.
The Cultural and Information Center said that Montenegro is a very attractive destination, less than two hours’ flight from Luxembourg.

“Given the great inclination of the citizens of the Benelux countries to travel, not only during the summer, but throughout the year, all promotional activities aimed at that market must produce results,” said the Cultural and Information Center.

That center, as they announced, initiated the marketing cooperation realized by Luxair, with the help of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, together with the National Tourism Organization (NTO).

In this way, the successful promotion of Montenegro will be realized in that high-paying, high-potential market. Through digital marketing tools, Luxair, in partnership with NTO, will implement an intensive campaign. Kalač thanked the Minister of Tourism and Economic Development, Goran Đurović, who recognized the importance of that promotion.

“Every euro invested in digital marketing in this market will have a multiplier effect on our tourism and economy in general. This is a market that needs to be further strengthened in the future, because Luxembourgers have a lifestyle in which traveling is a necessity, not a luxury.

I will be satisfied when a year-round air bridge between Luxembourg and Montenegro is built. Until then, there is a lot of work to be done, but it is important that we are all on the same task of better positioning our country on the market of the Benelux countries”, announced Kalac. The Cultural and Information Center stated that reservations can be made on the website.


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