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The airports of Montenegro are expecting their two millionth passenger

The airports of Montenegro are expecting two million passengers, which is an excellent result, announced the president of the company's Board of Directors, Eldin...

The millionth passenger in Podgorica in August

Montenegro's airports served 1.75 million passengers in the first eight months of this year, which is 35 percent more than last year, i.e. 93...

Airports under concession mean strong economic growth fueled by tourism

Concessioning airports could accelerate transformative change and improve business. There would be better air connectivity, which is particularly important for Montenegro as an air...

In 2022, the airports of Montenegro charged partner airlines EUR 7.4 million in discounts

Last year, the airports of Montenegro calculated discounts on the price of airport services to their business partners airlines in the amount of EUR...
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Airlines are changing their flight schedule – Possible larger influx of passengers, already served the millionth

In the coming days, an increased flow of passengers can be expected in the terminal building, Airports of Montenegro announced. As they explain, during...
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