NewsInvestments in the field of electronic communications are booming

Investments in the field of electronic communications are booming

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Electronic communications operators in Montenegro invested EUR 68.79 million in the development of electronic communications networks and services last year, the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (EKIP) announced. That, as they stated, is 33.54% more compared to 2021, when EUR 51.51 million of investments were realized.

– Such a high level of investment contributes to the further increase in the availability of modern electronic communication services of high quality throughout the territory of Montenegro – announced from EKIP.

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As they stated, electronic communications belong to infrastructural economic branches, and investments in telecommunications and information infrastructure are one of the main drivers of economic progress.

– Frequent changes and technological innovations in the market of electronic communications impose the need for constant investment in research and development, infrastructure development and the introduction of new technologies and services – they believe in EKIP.

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Operators of electronic communications in Montenegro are aware of this, so they are significantly committed to investments.

Increased investments in electronic communications have a high positive impact on efficiency in other sectors as well, which ultimately encourages overall economic growth – the announcement reads.

EKIP states that new investments by electronic communications operators and the continuation of the trend of high investment in the electronic communications sector are expected.

– Operators in the electronic communications sector in Montenegro plan to invest around EUR 65 million this year, around EUR 44 million in the next and around EUR 45 million in 2025 – they point out.

As they state, in the past 10 years there has been a trend of significant investments in the development of electronic communication networks and services.

– In the previous 10 years, electronic communications operators in Montenegro have invested over EUR 650 million. The trend of a high level of investment has been particularly present since 2016, which was a record year in terms of investments – EKIP said.

They concluded that the multi-year trend of high investments in the electronic communications sector confirms the fact that there is a stable and predictable legal and regulatory framework in Montenegro, which has created equal conditions for all market participants.

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