NewsThe One Montenegro company officially provided its users with using the 5G...

The One Montenegro company officially provided its users with using the 5G network even abroad

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The One Montenegro company launched the first 5G zone on a new frequency range that enables gigabit speeds, and provided its users with the possibility of using the 5G network abroad.

The executive director of the One Montenegro company, Branko Mitrović, said that with the approval of the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services for the use of the so-called 5G pioneer bands in our country, the door has been opened for the network of the future, towards which One Montenegro has already stepped.

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“The first 5G NR base station on frequencies of 3600 megahertz (MHz) has already been put into operation at our administration building,” said Mitrović.

He explained that 5G technology in its full capacity will provide its users with gigabit data transfer speeds and completely new user experiences.

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In addition to continuing the development of the infrastructure for the 5G network both in the capital and in other Montenegrin municipalities, One has already provided its users with a 5G network outside of Montenegro.

This means that 5G is available for everyone in that network through cooperation with roaming partners in Bulgaria (Yettel, Vivacom), Austria (A1, 3AT), Ireland (Three), the Netherlands (KPN), Croatia (A1HR), Poland (Orange PL ), Turkey (AVEA) and the United Arab Emirates (Etisalat).

“Dedicated work has already begun to bring concrete results, which are proof that 5G for One is a strategic direction focused on the user, but also on the overall digital development of Montenegro. With 5G technology, we expect big changes in the way people connect, work and live, and we are ready to be at the forefront of this development,” Mitrović said.

By participating in the spectrum auction, the One company provided ideal resources for the implementation of a high-performance and high-capacity 5G mobile network with an investment of almost three million EUR.
At the recently concluded Spektra auction, they leased the most 5G spectrum.

Company One bought frequencies at 700 MHz and 3600 MHz for a period of 15 years, and secured two additional blocks at 3600 MHz, to which it was the only one to acquire the right.

“With this investment, our owner, the Hungarian 4iG Group, has once again shown that it strongly believes in the Montenegrin market and that this is just one of the steps towards further investments in infrastructure and the future of technological progress, both in Montenegro and in the Western Balkans region,” he concluded.

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