NewsImproving the air connectivity of Montenegro before the summer season is essential

Improving the air connectivity of Montenegro before the summer season is essential

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The Ministry of Capital Investments is working to bring Pegasus to the Montenegrin market, State Secretary Admir Šahmanović announced.

– It is a low cost company that will open many development opportunities and connect us with many destinations – he said. According to him, in preparation for the tourist season, this department is working to improve the air connectivity of Montenegro.

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– We are going to increase the flights of Turkish Airlines to Podgorica and Tivat – said Šahmanović, reminding that Turkish Airlines brought 160,000 passengers to Montenegro last year.

– Of those, 40,000 were Turks, and 100,000 were foreigners. That fact alone speaks of the potential of this cooperation – said Šahmanović.

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As he said, respecting the interest of the national airline, there must be a balance between the development of tourism and the economy in general.

– Respecting their capacities, potentials and ambitions, we must listen to this other side as well, so I think we can only learn from these strong companies. Our national airline has shown readiness for cooperation – said Šahmanović.

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