NewsWithout Norwegians, the Igalo Institute loses secure income

Without Norwegians, the Igalo Institute loses secure income

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The Norwegian State Hospital from Oslo, which has been the most important foreign partner of the Dr. Simo Milošević Institute for almost five decades, announced a few days ago the termination of cooperation for the year 2024, although last year a contract valid until 2026 was signed with the Institute.

A delegation from Norway will be staying at the Institute next week, which will explain its decision in more detail.

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For 47 years, patients from Norway have been coming to Igalo for treatment, where more than 50,000 of them from that Scandinavian country have stayed for repair and rehabilitation.

The program of the Oslo State Hospital, which was launched in 1976, was not interrupted even during the war and sanctions in the former Yugoslavia, and the Norwegians, due to their exceptional success in treating their citizens, persisted in sending patients despite the numerous problems the Institute was dealing with.

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Last year, they signed a five-year contract again, which is a lifeline for the Institute. But a few days ago, the director of the Igalo Institute, Dr. Savo Marić, received a notification that they decided not to send patients to the Igalo next year.

– We do not know the reasons for the termination of the contract – says Marić and explains that in the letter a meeting with the Norwegians was proposed on Thursday, September 28th.

Of course we accepted it, we will host friends from Norway and listen to their reasons. What is not good for us is the fact that we relied on that contract, which was the only significant and important one for the Institute. We based our program on that contract and, of course, planned to sign another similar contract, so that the Institute would have secure income – says Marić.

In addition to the financial loss, for the Igalo Institute, the termination of the contract with the Norwegians has an emotional weight, because over the decades sincere friendships and cooperation have been created not only between the two institutions, but also between the two countries. Herceg Novi is twinned with the Norwegian city of Levanger, and the Norwegians have their own settlement in Đenovići. At every opportunity, the Norwegians were the first to provide help and support.

Whether the outflow of personnel from the Igalo Institute, due to the difficult financial situation and the absence of several salaries, caused a lack of quality and what the real reason for the decision to terminate the contract will be known on Thursday.

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