NewsUpcoming Tender for Podgorica Bioenergy Plant Feasibility Study in the Pipeline

Upcoming Tender for Podgorica Bioenergy Plant Feasibility Study in the Pipeline

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The Podgorica-based company Deponija will soon announce a tender for the feasibility study for a bioenergy plant project in the capital, and a project for the construction of an incinerator is also in preparation. The incinerator could address the issue of municipal waste throughout Montenegro while simultaneously generating significant amounts of electrical energy.

This was announced during a recent visit by the Deputy Mayor of Podgorica, Luka Rakčević, to this company.

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We have finally realized that waste is money and a significant resource, and we are preparing a series of projects that will rejuvenate Podgorica and Montenegro. Alongside the modernization of the company’s machinery, we are working on the preparation of a bioenergy plant, while, in collaboration with the government, we will initiate preparations for the construction of an incinerator. Everything that cannot be recycled will be incinerated through the new facility, from which we will generate electrical energy, wrote Rakčević on social media.

During his visit to the Deponija, he stated that for the past three decades, waste has been viewed solely as a burden, something to get rid of. However, he noted that the new management led by Aleksandar Božović takes a completely different approach and understands that waste is an opportunity and perspective that can be utilized much more effectively.

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Today, among other things, we discussed the bioenergy plant and the construction of an incinerator where we would burn all non-recyclable waste, converting it into electrical energy. We are preparing all the steps so that in the near future, at the level of the capital, we can take more decisive action concerning primary waste selection, which is the essence of the whole story, said Rakčević, announcing that over a million euros have been allocated for landfill projects this year.

The acting director of Deponija, Aleksandar Božović, stated that the bioenergy plant project is already underway, and they will soon announce a tender for the feasibility study, although the location study for these purposes already exists.

“We have a designated plot for the bioenergy plant, and this is a project that will bring us some revenue and will be self-sustainable. The loan repayment will last between five and six years, and in the next 20 years after that, we will have a net profit,” Božović stated.

He announced a project of particular importance, not only for Podgorica but for the entire Montenegro.

By constructing an incinerator, we would solve municipal waste issues across the territory of Montenegro, for every municipality, and simultaneously generate a vast amount of electrical energy. The potential incinerator is a crucial project that we will be working on in the upcoming period, alongside the bioenergy plant, emphasized Božović.

In financial terms, €950,000 has been allocated for the procurement of machinery, and around €80,000 for project design.

We have engaged all relevant consultants to come up with the best environmentally friendly solutions in accordance with EU regulations, concluded Božović.

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