NewsThe Turks have announced the construction of an industrial zone in Montenegro

The Turks have announced the construction of an industrial zone in Montenegro

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In Montenegro, there are more than 12,000 Turkish citizens residing, as announced by the Ambassador of Turkey, Bariş Kalkavan. He also announced the construction of an industrial zone in Montenegro.

As reported by the Capital City of Cetinje, Mayor Nikola Đurašković received Ambassador Kalkavan on a visit, where discussions centered on the existing partnership between Montenegro and Turkey, as well as potential new forms of cooperation.

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Both sides expressed satisfaction with the current collaboration and emphasized their readiness to enhance their good relations and explore models for improving bilateral cooperation.

Mayor Đurašković expressed gratitude for the support provided by Turkey to Montenegro on the international, cultural, and economic fronts. He briefed the ambassador on key projects of the new city administration, including the construction of the Lovćen-Cetinje cable car, the Lokanda hotel construction, and the development of business zones in Zagrablje and Gornji Obod.

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He emphasized that the Republic of Turkey is a partner and friend to Montenegro, expressing confidence that both sides will contribute fully to deepening cooperation in various fields in the future.

Ambassador Kalkavan mentioned that currently, there are over 12,000 Turkish citizens residing in Montenegro, with Turkish entrepreneurs showing interest in doing business in Cetinje. He announced the construction of an industrial zone in Montenegro and the upcoming visit of Turkish investors to Cetinje. He emphasized the need to develop cultural tourism and thanked the Capital City of Cetinje for its support following the destructive earthquake that hit Turkey.

The participants concluded that they will dedicate efforts to improving relations in the future, not only in economic and cultural aspects but also in education and tourism, expressing confidence in achieving positive outcomes given the mutual interest, useful initiatives, good understanding, and shared goals.

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