NewsThe acquisition of new trains is planned through a 112 million EUR...

The acquisition of new trains is planned through a 112 million EUR grant from the European Union for the modernization of the railway

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The grant of 112 million EUR for the modernization of the railway is confirmation that Montenegro has an administration capable of meeting the demands and strict standards of the European Union, stated Prime Minister Milojko Spajić at a meeting with ministers Filip Radulović and Maida Gorčević.

During the meeting, it was assessed that the process of modernizing the railway with funds obtained from the European Union needs to be strengthened, and necessary steps have already been taken for the procurement of new trains. Discussions included projects related to the construction of transportation infrastructure, improved regional connectivity, as well as plans for the valorization of the airport and the utilization of the potential of the Port of Bar.

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The participants also emphasized the need for Montenegro to better connect with traditional economic markets and prepare joint projects with neighboring countries, seeking support from the European Union. This information was communicated by the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

In the context of strengthening the transportation network within the country, the participants stressed the importance of promptly continuing the construction of highways and creating conditions for the start of the construction of the Adriatic-Ionian highway.

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