NewsPayment transactions in January amounted to 1.39 billion EUR

Payment transactions in January amounted to 1.39 billion EUR

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The value of realized payment transactions for 21 working days in January amounted to 1.39 billion EUR, which is 50 percent less than in December, according to data from the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG).

Of that, 94.47 percent was realized in the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system, with the remainder in the Deferred Net Settlement (DNS) system.

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In the RTGS system, individual payment transactions between participants are conducted on a gross basis in real time, while in the DNS system, interbank payment transactions are settled on a net basis in deferred time.

  • In January, for 21 working days, 872.53 thousand orders were processed, of which 35.21 percent were in the RTGS system, and the remainder in the DNS system – stated in the CBCG report.

The average daily volume of realized payment transactions in the RTGS and DNS systems, expressed through the number of orders, was 41.55 thousand orders, while the average daily value of payment transactions amounted to 66.28 million EUR.

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In January, there were no interruptions in the operation of the system for 11.45 thousand minutes of production, resulting in its availability being 100 percent.

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