NewsMore broadband connections at the end of December

More broadband connections at the end of December

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The total number of broadband connections at the end of December, regardless of the technology used for access, amounted to 202.86 thousand, which is 0.45% higher than in November.

Compared to the same period in 2022, the number of broadband connections in December was higher by 3.36%.

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The number of users accessing the internet via optical fiber network (FTTH/B) amounted to 98.78 thousand, which is 814 more compared to November.

In December, 54.16 thousand users accessed the internet via the cable distribution system (HFC/KDS).

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The number of VDSL connections was 30.86 thousand, and ADSL connections were 16.78 thousand.

According to EKIP data, there were 1.94 thousand WiFi connections in December.

“The number of other connections (satellite internet, MPLS, leased lines) amounted to 343, two more compared to November.

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