NewsMontenegro, The Port of Bar achieving great results

Montenegro, The Port of Bar achieving great results

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The port of Bar achieved the best business result in the last 30 years, and according to the contracted jobs and announcements of business partners, the company expects that successful operations will continue until the end of this year and during the next year.

The executive director of Luka Bar” Ilija Pješčić, told the News that they can already say that Luka Bar achieved the best business result in the last 30 years.

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He said that the company can boast of excellent business results for the first nine months of this year, both with the volume of transshipment and with financial indicators.

“In nine months, a total of 1.8 million tons were transshipped, which is even 944.56 thousand tons more compared to the previous year, when transshipment amounted to 862.75 thousand tons.” If we compare with the plan we had for these nine months, the realized transshipment is 264.79 thousand tons higher. Which means that the realized transshipment in nine months exceeded all expectations of both the management and the employees of the company”, said Pješčić.

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On Friday, the port of Bar marked the transshipment of two million tons, which represents the best achieved result since its restructuring.

As for the financial results, as Pješčić states, they are also at an enviable level.

“A profit in the amount of 5.25 million euros was achieved. For the sake of comparison, for the first nine months of last year it amounted to 421.96 thousand euros. Total revenues for this period amounted to 20.18 million and compared to the comparable period of last year, they are 12.11 million euros higher. “Total expenses for the observed period amounted to 14.93 million and are higher than the comparative period by 7.29 million euros,” specified Pješčić.

According to him, the increase in labor costs is part of the expenses, due to the fact that they have increased the number of direct executors of port manipulative transshipment tasks, mostly port and transport workers, as well as operators and maintainers of machinery.

“This was necessary in order to respond to all business tasks and new contracts we signed this year. We also had significant investments in the restoration of the coast of Voljica, the procurement of mechanization equipment, as well as the construction of a new warehouse, the realization of which is expected soon, which will increase the storage capacity of the Port of Bar”, said Pješčić.

He added that he has no doubts that he will continue at this pace until the end of the current year, as well as in the next year.

“Based on the transshipment realized in the past ten months and the business plan until the end of the year, we expect that the transshipment will exceed the quantities foreseen in the business plan. Accordingly, a transshipment of over 2.3 million tons and an income of around 25 million euros is expected,” concluded Pješčić for

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