NewsMontenegro, “Strength is in us” campaign was promoted in Kolašin 1600 ski...

Montenegro, “Strength is in us” campaign was promoted in Kolašin 1600 ski resort

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On February 23, the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro organized a visit of businessmen and media representatives to the Kolašin 1600 ski resort, promoting the “Strength is in us” campaign, thus contributing to the successful continuation of the winter season, along with the promotion of tourist centers.

Along with the entertainment program and the great taste of local food, the visitors were able to learn about the activity by which the Chamber tries to spread awareness of the size, strength and importance of the economy of Montenegro, increase confidence in the quality of local products and services, and continuously stimulate the development of the economy.

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According to President Nina Drakić, the “Strength is in us” campaign includes several elements and various promotional activities.

– The goal is to draw attention to what are the potentials and opportunities of our economy, and Montenegro has them and how, especially in areas where as a country we have certain comparative advantages. One of the most important potentials is our tourist economy, and in the winter season our ski resorts, at this moment with a special emphasis on the Kolašin ski resort, which is gaining its place not only on the Montenegrin tourist map, but also more widely, with a significant visit of tourists from Albania, Serbia, Kosovo – Drakic said.

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She reminded that the Chamber, for the second month in a row, co-finances the popular ski bus that takes citizens and skiers not only to Kolašin, but to several Montenegrin ski resorts. Numerous citizens took advantage of this advantage, which, among other things, reduces congestion in traffic and in the parking lots of ski resorts. This promotional action will continue in March as long as there is snow.

In a statement to the media, Drakić expressed her expectation that the results of the winter season, which was delayed in the mountain centers due to the lack of snow in January, will still be good because the visit to the coastal municipalities during that month was better than last year.

Director of the Kolašin Ski Resort, Bojan Medenica, assesses that the winter season in this ski center takes place intensively.

– I think this season will be at least at the level of last year. So far, we have sold 21,000 ski passes and, for the sake of comparison, last year a little more than 29,000 for the whole season. We note a good visit by guests from the region, primarily Serbia and Croatia. I think that the expectations are realistic that in the coming years we will be one of the more popular ski centers in the region – said Medenica, assessing that the cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce on the ski bus project is a “complete hit”.

As part of the event, visitors were given vouchers with a 25% discount for ski passes and ski caps. The event was attended by representatives of tourist organizations, Ski Resorts of Montenegro, tourism and media workers, PKCG employees and other visitors.

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