NewsMontenegro, Requests of energy companies for the increase in electricity prices will...

Montenegro, Requests of energy companies for the increase in electricity prices will be discussed on November 29

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On November 29, the Energy and Water Regulatory Agency of Montenegro (REGAGEN) will consider reports on the analysis of documentation with a proposal for regulatory permitted income for the period from the following year until 2025, in line with the requirements of energy companies.

At the session, REGAGEN is going to consider requests of the Montenegrin Electric Transmission System (CGES), the Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System (CEDIS) and the Montenegrin Electricity Market Operator to determine revenues of these companies as well as the prices of services they will be providing for the next three years.

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In addition, the session is going to tackle remarks of companies regarding the report of a regulator.

“The session will be held on 29 November at 9 a.m and will have two parts. In the first part of the session, interested companies will have the opportunity to provide additional proofs or explanations to justify their requests, while the second part of the session will be closed for the public, as the final decision on the prices will be made”, REGAGEN told the MINA news agency.

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They also add that based on documentation for the session, which the public had the insight into, it’s likely that a part of costs the companies had was assessed as unjustifiable by the regulator, local media writes.

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