NewsBorderless consulting and Montenegro Business Association Germany forge strategic partnership for economic...

Borderless consulting and Montenegro Business Association Germany forge strategic partnership for economic growth

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English company Borderless Consulting and Montenegro Business Association Germany, which have entered into a partnership, intend to direct strategic investment plans for Montenegro in the fields of energy and tourism, according to their representatives.

Ensar Kuč, President of Montenegro Business Association Germany, stated to Pobjeda that this joint venture aspires to overcome conventional boundaries and represents an extraordinary opportunity for Montenegro’s progress.

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Julio Verissimo, President and CEO of Borderless Consulting, said that their collaboration is not only focused on knowledge and resource transfer but also on establishing an authentic partnership to support Montenegro’s developmental aspirations.

“Our collaboration aims to leverage the collective expertise of both organizations to propel Montenegro into a new era of growth. We sincerely commit to extending our expertise to deserving individuals in Montenegro at the highest levels. With a focus on various sectors, we seek to significantly contribute to the development of industry, infrastructure, and socio-cultural aspects, nurturing an environment conducive to innovation and progress,” announced Kuč.

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Verissimo mentioned that the synergy between Borderless Consulting and Montenegro Business Association will serve as evidence of the potential lying in harmonious international collaboration.

“We eagerly anticipate the positive impact our joint efforts will have on the beautiful landscapes and valuable people of Montenegro. May this collaboration be a beacon of prosperity, embodying the spirit of cooperation, progress, and mutual respect. Our collaboration with Montenegro Business Association in Germany represents a key moment in our global business strategy,” conveyed Verissimo.

He added that Borderless Consulting is committed to fostering prosperity across borders, exemplified by their visionary partnership with Montenegro and strategic investment plans.

“Together, we build bridges, drive innovations, and shape a brighter future for economies worldwide,” said Verissimo.

Kuč announced that the partnership between their two organizations will significantly contribute to the economic growth and development of Montenegro.

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