NewsMontenegro aims to directly connect local electricity market with the European grid...

Montenegro aims to directly connect local electricity market with the European grid through Italian connection

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The most effective approach to directly link the local electricity market with the European grid involves establishing a connection with Italy. Italy, being a member of the European Union and operating under European legislation, presents the optimal solution. This perspective was underscored in the information outlining efforts to integrate Montenegro’s day-ahead electricity market into the unified European energy market.

The document emphasizes that establishing a direct connection between the local electricity market and the European grid, particularly through a link with Italy, provides a strategic pathway. Italy’s status as an EU member ensures alignment with European regulatory standards.

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Consequently, the Ministry of Energy and Mining is tasked with taking necessary steps to facilitate the connection between Montenegro’s day-ahead electricity market and Italy’s electricity market. This initiative is seen as a crucial move towards Montenegro’s integration into the broader European energy framework, ensuring compliance with European regulatory norms.

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