NewsMontenegro, Port of Budva finally returns to the management of the Municipality

Montenegro, Port of Budva finally returns to the management of the Municipality

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The President of the Municipality of Budva, Milo Božović, and the director of the Morsko Dobro, Mladen Mikijelj, will sign today the contract by which the public company will cede the Port of Budva near the Old Town to the local government for temporary use.

This was confirmed by the News in the office of the President of the Municipality.

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This means that the Port of Budva, after two whole decades since it was given to the management of a private company, returns to the management of the Municipality.

The port of Budva has been managed by the American company Stratex until now.

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A month ago, the Government adopted the Decision on taking over the Port of Budva, and approved the agreement between Morsko Dobro and the Municipality of Budva, which gives the marina to the local government for temporary use until tenders are announced and concessionaires are selected.

Morsko dobro and the Municipality, when it was headed by Marko Carević, concluded in July 2021 a proposal for a contract on the transfer of the Old Town Marina to the local government, and asked the then Government to give its consent.

In January of this year, Mikijelj and Božović submitted a request for the implementation of the agreement on the assignment of the use of the Port of Budva to the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism in order to submit it to the Government for decision.

The request followed after the Commercial Court accepted Morsko Dobro’s objection and canceled the temporary measure brought by the former president of that court, Blažo Jovanić.

As Vijesti unofficially learns, the Municipality and the previous tenant of the marina have reached an agreement, so the transfer of management will be carried out without opposition.

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