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Montenegro, More than half a million overnight stays were achieved in five-star hotels

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More than half a million overnight stays were achieved in five-star hotels, 85 percent more than the record in 2019. Four-star hotels, despite the increase in capacity, recorded a slight decrease in overnight stays, while the number of lower-category hotels decreased, as did their guests, Đikanović said.
Based on data from three quarters of this year, positive trends were registered only by five-star hotels and convincing results, while four-star hotels recorded a decrease in the number of overnight stays – said Pobjedi economic analyst Darko Đikanović, who points out that revenues cannot be compared with the record 2019. because this year we are experiencing high inflation. The fact that only five-star hotels achieve revenue growth emphasizes,

Justifies the orientation towards elite tourism, not the mass tourism that we have been practicing in recent years.

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Elite tourism
– Over half a million overnight stays were achieved in five-star hotels, 85 percent more than the record in 2019. This is the result of expanded capacities and an increasing number of hotels of this category. Capacities have increased by 75 percent, so we currently have 40 hotels of the highest category with 2,500 accommodation units. Although the offer of five-star hotels is growing, the demand still exceeds it, which is a good indicator of the correctness of the tourist strategy oriented towards elite tourism – says Đikanović.

He also states that, despite the increase in capacity, four-star hotels are recording a slight decline in overnight stays, while hotels of lower categories are decreasing, as are their guests.

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Regarding income from tourism, although 916 million euros were officially realized, that is, 90 percent of the income realized in 2019, Đikanović explains that this cannot be a benchmark, because this year we have a high inflation rate.

– Compared to 2019, the inflation rate is 14 percent, although it was higher in the third quarter, in which the best results were achieved. At the end of the year, after the publication of data on private accommodation, it will be seen how the structural changes have affected the average consumption of tourists – Đikanović assesses.

He explains that tourism has proven to be the most successful branch of the economy. Until 2019, it recorded constant growth, and when we were supposed to experience a boom, the pandemic came.

– From year to year, the numbers grew, and in 2019 a record was set with over 14 million overnight stays by tourists and revenues of 1.1 billion euros. The covid-19 pandemic had a serious impact on developments in 2020, in which Montenegro recorded one of the largest declines in tourist activity in the world. A period of recovery follows and this year we register significant growth. In the first three quarters, 900,000 tourists were registered in the hotels, who made 3.3 million overnight stays – says Đikanović.

The most overnight stays In Budva

He reminds that 90 percent of overnight stays were made in the coastal region, half of which were in Budva.

– Tourists stay the longest in Herceg Novi, Bar and Ulcinj, with an average length of stay of five nights, in Budva four nights, and the shortest in Tivat and Kotor, three nights each – said Đikanović.

He points out that the structure of tourists has changed compared to 2019, so we have significantly fewer tourists from Central and Western Europe, and more from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, and Kosovo.

– Compared to the well-known Mediterranean destinations Croatia, Malta and Cyprus, tourists in Montenegro stay one night shorter on average. We also have slightly lower hotel occupancy compared to these destinations due to the high season in July and August, while the pre-season is weaker compared to competitors – says Đikanović.

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